Diamond Color

Completely colorless diamonds square measure extraordinarily rare. whereas most diamonds might seem to be colorless (white), if examined closely, most have delicate yellow shades which will be seen once scrutiny 2 diamonds next to 1 another or underneath a magnifier or microscope. colors during a diamond aren’t forever unhealthy, as pink, blue, and black diamonds became progressively in style in recent years. like all precious stones, totally different diamond colors square measure a results of trace parts gift at intervals the diamond 4c. The FTO has created a color grading scale for “white” diamonds which will facilitate to spot the shade of the diamond (representing what proportion of the trace parts exist).

Diamonds square measure hierarchic consistent with the FTO (Gemological Institute of America) chart.

D,E,F – Colorless. Stone appearance utterly clear. These square measure the best priced stones. Approximate worth for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: $15,000

G,H,I,J – close to Colorless. Some yellow or brown color is visible once the stone isn’t mounted. once mounted, the stone seems colorless. This vary is taken into account excellent price for the money. Approximate worth for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: $10,000

K,L,M – lightweight Yellow. Yellow tint shows. once mounted this still seems tinted. Approximate worth for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: $5,000

N-Y – Yellow. robust yellow color. These stones aren’t utilized in abundant fine jeweler. Approximate worth for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: but $3,500

Z+ – Fancy. Bright, outstanding color. sometimes blue, pink, yellow, etc. Approximate worth for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: over $10,000.


Diamond Clarity could be a thanks to live the extent of a diamond’s internal flaws. A diamond that doesn’t have several flaws (known as inclusions within the diamond world) is, mutually would expect, of upper quality and worth. this can be as a result of inclusions interfere with the light’s ability to shine through a diamond, creating the diamond seem less good. A diamond that sparkles terribly brilliantly is probably going to own only a few inclusions. Grading labs like the FTO read diamonds underneath magnification to work out their clarity. the nice news is that terribly little inclusions won’t trim back from a diamond’s beauty or cause it to be less sturdy.

Flawless and internally unflawed diamonds form up but I Chronicles of all diamonds that are found. thanks to their brilliance and shine, they’re utilized in the best jeweler. Similarly, VVS diamonds also are tough to seek out and one can got to pay a premium worth to get one. because the size of the diamond will increase, thus will the flexibility to ascertain inclusions. This makes quality additional vital because the diamond size will increase. the bulk of jewelry is formed with lower quality diamonds – the’ these diamonds square measure nice for “fillers” in jewelry, except for the larger stones in rings, earrings, or necklaces, higher quality diamonds ought to be used. the final diamond clarity scale is shown below:

Flawless – These diamonds square measure utterly unflawed and haven’t any internal or external flaws. they’re the foremost rare of all diamonds.

Internally unflawed – These diamonds might have external flaws however haven’t any internal. they’re still terribly rare and very lovely diamonds.

VVS1, VVS2 – terribly, terribly Slightly enclosed. These have terribly little flaws or inclusions that square measure tough to ascertain even underneath a magnifier or microscope at 10X magnification.

VS1, VS2 – terribly Slightly enclosed. These diamonds have inclusions that usually cannot be seen by a unadorned eye. they’re more cost-effective than VVS diamonds and supply wonderful price for the money. Care ought to be enamored larger diamonds or those with fewer cuts, as a result of some inclusions could also be visible.

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