Tips to consider while picking your summer outfit

Who doesn’t like summer? Summer is the time when you get to flaunt your skin. It is also the time when you get to experiment. So, shine away with the bright lights and reclaim the streets. Your perfect summer outfit awaits, that too with discounts if you apply Sivvi discount code.

Choosing your summer outfit
Summer exudes freedom in ways that your skin can breathe. There’s no need for lumping yourself with layers of clothes. However, you also need to look good in the summer.

Now, you have to choose the perfect summer outfit for yourself. And to be honest, it is quite a tricky task, especially for the indecisive ones. But this piece is going to help you choose the perfect summer outfit.

Start with light fabrics
Tight fabrics are usually not summer-friendly. They will only make you feel hotter. Try to choose a shirt that will let your arms move freely. A tank top or a sleeveless shirt, for instance, can be a great summer option. Pair these with white denim or shorts. Shoes can be of your choice, but sandals would look great too.

Casual bottoms are the best
Flowy and loose fabric with cuts to flaunt your skin sounds like comfort. A full covered pant, on the other hand, might hinder that comfort during summer. Try different bottom length like capris, shorts or skirts. Choose what looks best on you.

Fabrics should be breathable
If you choose materials that allow sweat evaporation, your summer is sorted. Fabrics such as linen, athletic and cotton are some of the popular options. Linen pants with loafers and a button-down shirt would be a perfect combination for most occasions. However, if you are going for a run or workout, a pair of shorts with a mesh tank top would be ideal.

An extra layer if the scene is too chill
You might walk into a room with AC on or be on a windy beach. To prepare yourself for such occasions, carry an extra layer. A cardigan with shorts and a graphic tee is perfect, especially for house parties. A long-sleeved shirt would also do the trick, but only when you are wearing jeans. This added layer would stop you from getting cold, which is the last thing you’d want.

Printed shirts are the new cool
Yes, it might look like you are on a beach. But with a printed shirt paired with shorts, would exude vibrancy and style. Choose prints that are vibrant and pair it with either casual shorts or white denim jeans. You can use Sivvi Coupon Codes for discounts on shirts.

Choose what makes you feel comfortable. A lot about summer clothing is about your comfort. So, be sure to prioritize comfort.

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